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The Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Dog Days of Summer

Here at the Animal Shelter the Dog Days of Summer is one of our favorite times of year. You can feel the excitement in the air as the evening draws closer and closer. We’re only two weeks away and we wanted to share some of the enthusiasm with you via our “Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Dog Days of Summer”.
#10. You can tell all of your ridiculous pet stories to an appreciative audience.
We’ve all been there. That moment when you’re telling a story about something funny your dog did to one of your friends who doesn’t have a pet; You get to the punchline and then…crickets. Not here. We’re all animal lovers and we want to hear those ridiculous pet stories.

#9. Win an amazing bottle of wine at the Wine Wall.
The Wine Wall was a big hit last year and it’s making a come back! $25 gets you chance to pick a “mystery bag” with a bottle of wine in it. With a little luck you might walk away with a $100 bottle of wine!

#8. 90 degrees here, 20 below there – Iditarod Experience, enough said.
This is a live auction item you won’t want to miss. An 11 day Iditarod experience with all the fixings with special thanks to local musher, Trent Herbst, and Alaska Iditarod Tours. Click here for full details.

#7. To enjoy the best garden party in the valley while sipping Greyhounds.
The views from Trail Creek Pavilion are stunning, the ambiance is delightful, and the Greyhounds are delicious. What more could you want for a Thursday night?

#6. See Shelter dogs get their chance at a Westminster experience.
David Frei, the official host of Westminster, will be showing off six adoptable dogs in the annual pet parade. Last year one of the adoptable dogs in the parade was adopted the next day after being seen on the catwalk. Who will get adopted this year?
#5. Get your picture taken with Bernard.
Bernard, the Animal Shelter mascot, loves getting his picture taken especially with his friends. Hey, it’s not every day you can get a picture with an over-sized, human-like dog.


#4. You’ll get an amazing arm workout with multiple paddle raising opportunities.
Love that live auction item? Paddle up. Want to become a member of the Marmaduke Society? Paddle up. See your friend from across the room but can’t get her attention? Wave that paddle.

#3. Rub shoulders with the top dogs while shopping our cat’s meow items.
Hang out with all of your fellow Shelter lovers while getting your Christmas shopping done. Who knew you could be so efficient?

#2. It’s a great excuse to have a cocktail and schmooze with your friends.
It’s a beautiful Thursday night, you’re all dressed up, and this is the place to go! Kick back with your friends for a good cause.

#1. Because helping homeless animals makes everyone feel good.
This is our favorite reason to attend the Summer Benefit – helping animals in need feels good. Every year over 1,500 animals pass through the Shelter doors. The Dog Days of Summer accounts for one third of the Shelter’s annual income, keeping the doors open for every animal and human that needs us.


(Shelter alumna Ruby works with her new sister on a puzzle.)

Ready to purchase your ticket for the Dog Days of Summer? Click here!

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