Tweety Goes Home!

Right on the heels of long term resident dog, Pal, going home, our longest term resident cat has just found her home as well!
Tweety has been at the Shelter for more than a year (14 months to be exact). Tweety has a virus called FIV, which can suppress the immune system of the cats it affects. Luckily, most cats never show symptoms. However, to keep this virus from spreading to unaffected cats, any cat with FIV we adopt out must be an indoor cat. They must also go to a home as an only cat or live with another FIV+ cat.
Unfortunately, this can mean a longer length of stay for FIV cats. However, unlike many Shelters who euthanize cats with FIV – we provide a home for them as long as they need until they can find a perfect home.
We’re proud to be able to adopt out FIV+ cats like Tweety. Tweety is now home with her FIV+ brother (and former roommate at the Shelter), Socks.
Click on the image below to see Tweety’s heart warming departure from the Shelter with her new family!

Tweety Goes Home from Animal Shelter on Vimeo.

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