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Thank You Karen!

We received an absolutely heart warming donation in the mail and had to share this amazing story! The letter reads:
“Karen has been 100% deaf since a child. She always loved animals and had dogs and horses growing up. She is a dear friend of my parents and on a recent visit to California she showed me these bags that she hand makes from used dog, cat, and other discarded animal feed bags. She sells these bags for extra grocery money and medical expenses. She really wanted to donate some money back to animals but with her hearing disability, communication can be difficult. She was looking for a great shelter that could use the money to support the animals she loves so dearly. I told her I knew of just the place so she gave me some extra money from the sales of her bags to donate to the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley. I wanted her story to be heard because she can’t tell it. It’s so heart-warming that a person of very meager means wants nothing more than to make sure that animals are safe, warm, and fed.”
Thank you Karen for donating to help the animals!
Karen's Story

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