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Help Fundraise for the Animals!

On May 5th we’ll be celebrating the 3rd Annual Idaho Gives Day, “and you can make it a huge success for the animals!




What is Idaho Gives?

Idaho Gives is a single day of statewide charitable giving – thousands of people will show their support for Idaho’s nonprofits by making an online donation through the Idaho Gives website. Donations will have an even greater impact during Idaho Gives, thanks to a pool of award money provided by generous sponsors and individuals through the Idaho Nonprofit Center!

Last year, thanks to your support, the Shelter was able to raise over $10,000 to help more animals! The majority of donations were made to individual fundraising pages put together by volunteers – this is where you come in!

How Can I Help?

By creating a fundraising page connected to the Shelter’s Idaho Gives page, you can share your Shelter story and inspire more folks to pitch in. Your participation will support the day to day care for homeless animals and the Shelter’s work to bring them together with loving families. Setting up a fundraising page is simple and fun! Click here to start making your page.

Looking for some inspiration? Click here for a full inspiration packet or check out the videos below from years past that fundraisers have made. If you’re interested in becoming a fundraiser, but don’t know where to start, send me an e-mail and I’m happy to help in anyway possible!

Fundraiser: “Rocket & Darlin’ Do Things”

Rocket & Darlin’, both Animal Shelter alumni, share the joys they have experienced since being adopted. Try creating a fundraiser based around your adopted pet – what would they say?

Fundraiser: Lochlain’s Birthday Fundraiser

Lochlain raised money by donating his birthday to the animals – by asking friends and family he was able to raise more than $1,000! Try creating a fundraiser around an event, it could be a birthday, your pet’s adopt-a-versary, or you could even make up a challenge (ask friends to donate if you complete that 5k you’re looking to run).

If you have any questions at all, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] (or simply reply to this e-mail) and I’m happy to help! Thank you for your support, and I look forward to working with you to make this Idaho Gives Day the best one yet for the animals!

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