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Prepping for Spring Clean-up

On May 14th we’re having our 2nd Volunteer Community Service Day! In order to complete some of the projects on the to-do list, we need help acquiring some materials. If you can help with any of the items below, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or give us a call at 208-788-4351. Thank you!
Playspace for the Dogs: We’d like to set up a play for dogs to get some added enrichment in their day to day life – a space that staff and volunteers can bring the dogs for extra playtime.
Items Needed –
• Dig Pit: Play Sand & Railroad Ties
• Jump Stools: Electrical Spools & Weather Seal
• Picnic Table
• Outdoor Sturdy Storage Bins (for dog toys)
• Fence Lattice
• Someone to make an “Employees Only” Sign for the gate
Cat Nip Garden: As the weather is getting warmer, the staff has been training some of the cats to go on leash so they can have some added enrichment in the great outdoors. We’d like to create a small cat nip garden that the felines can explore (on leash) with volunteers and staff.
Items Needed –
• Cat Nip Plants
• Soil
• Wood for a sign
• *Someone who can make a “Cats Only Garden” sign*
General Spruce Up: To make the Shelter a more enjoyable place for both people and pets we’d like to do a little spring spruce up!
Items Needed –
• Container Plants
• Tarps
• Patio Misters (for the dog kennels)
• Low-water flowers
Adopter Acquaintance Area: This is where the potential adopters & dogs could meet, play, and really get to know each other.
Items Needed-
• Outdoor Table w/ umbrella or a “gazebo” or another picnic table/umbrella
Other Items Needed:
• We’d love to make some more permanent sun structures for the dogs to hang out under. If anyone has some carpentry skills they’d like to donate the dogs would be very excited!

Interested in helping on May 14th? Send an e-mail to [email protected] to sign-up.


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