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Happy Idaho Gives Day!

Today is the big day – the 3rd Annual Idaho Gives Day! Idaho Gives is a single day of statewide charitable giving – thousands of people will show their support for Idaho’s nonprofits by making an online donation through the Idaho Gives website. Donations will have an even greater impact during Idaho Gives, thanks to a pool of award money provided by generous sponsors and individuals through the Idaho Nonprofit Center!
By giving $10 to the Shelter’s Idaho Gives page, you can help the Shelter qualify for additional prize funds. Throughout the day donations will be pulled at random and will win the corresponding nonprofit additional prize funds – up to $1,000 per draw!
If you’d like to be a part of the action, click here to donate. Make sure you share that you donated on your social media pages – on average, every share generates an additional $18!

Idaho Gives Social Post

Special thanks goes out to folks who have already made a donation!

Barbara Hurlbutt, Christine Ferguson, Lori Stroebel, Brooke Bonner, Kathy Braegger, Gretchen Flint, Jeff Burrell, Margaret Wright Kyle, Jan Burrell, Cynthia Phelan, Andrea Lokey, Karen Stern, Gayle Abney, Katherine Carroll, Leslie Pope, Jackie Neel, Lenice Stanford, Priscilla Pittiglio, Bobbi Hunt, Susanne Hausner, Lisa Torrence, Rachel Caldwell, Mary Bachman, Anne Bloomfield, Susan Robertson, Elizabeth Leach, Jane Dettwiler, Frank Willey, Norma Rollo, Kristen Coulter, Cindy Urbanowicz, Jan Main, Kelley Williamson, Robert Lee, Glennda Zuiderveld, Susan Works, and Andrea Parker!

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