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Thank You!

We are so incredibly thankful for the support the Shelter has received today. With just an hour left of ‪#‎IdahoGives‬, you’ve already raised over $27,000 to help the animals, and the people who love them! Not only that, but over $1,000,000 was raised for Idaho nonprofits today! Thank you!
If you haven’t joined the Idaho Gives giving party yet, it’s not too late! Click here to make a donation to the Animal Shelter:

Thank You for Donating! from Animal Shelter on Vimeo.
Another big shout out to the most recent donors: Wendy Norbom, Penny Coe, Heidi Mickelson, Virginia Cirica, Sabine Muskari, Bekka Mongeau, Jeanne Olsen, Connie Koonce, Nadia Novik, Leah Fredback, Gloria Wilkins, Jane Dettwiler, Donna Mongeau, Marcee Graff, Ingrid Klumpp, Gerald Randklev, Rosemary Aquilante, Teresa Terri Arriaga Barker, Mary Bachman, Sue Bridgman, Casey Shelley, Linda Kish, Ezti Smith, Tim East, Janet Starr, Suzanne Flores, Jill Vogel, Kim Leone Olenicoff Castellano, JD Lyon, Ginger Harris, Andrea Pierceall, Cynthia Tessin, Nancy Malko,Debbie Town, Frank & Karen Willey, Linda Potter, Leslie Hornocker, Jan Main, Hillary Hayward, Lisa Torrence, Kelsey Johndrow, Lindy Novak, Laurie Roark, Sam Christian, Richard Van Anderson, Mary Ann Davidson,Jani Sutherland, Megan Thimmesch, Jacquelyn Box, Joan Sheets, Heidi Schiers, Amy Boyer, Jennifer Terra, Sandra Jimenez, Jennifer Huseby, Daniel Turner, Andy Martone, Effie Christie, Christine Ferguson, Rob Santa, Ashley Brown, Marcia Dibbs, Katherine Carroll, Mary Sherman, Rachel Caldwell, George Mongeau, Mary Anne Pinkerton, Jami Adrian, Carol Stilz, Maya Kline, Clark Shafer, Jenny & Will Gardenswartz, Jeanne Ernst Liston, Mary Gehrke, Andrea Nelson, Scott Slonim, Marilyn Clark, David Morrison, Mary Rohlfing, Jim Santa, Susan Huber, Elissa Kline, Elizabeth Carter, Jean Tagliapietra, Dani Mazzotta, Jo-Anne Dixon, Kyle Baysinger, Linda Winnovich, and Karen Thea!

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