June 16, 2016 adminASWRV

Wet Nose Wednesday with Tomasa!

Ok, so we know it’s a day late for “Wet Nose Wednesday”, but this story was just to cute to let pass by! Volunteer extraordinaire, Jenn Barth, has been taking adoptable dog Tomasa out and about on Wednesdays. This week her post was beyond adorable – check it out below!
“I got to hang out with Tomasa again…happily cuz she’s a love, sadly cuz she’s still waiting for her forever home! To recap: she’s a 10 year old Pit Bull Terrier Lady Meatball looking for a cozy house to chill in that has lots of treats. She loves visiting seniors and making sure they all have a chance to give her a treat. Today we decided to have a fashion show to show off her svelte meatball curves and diva style choices! She knows you will enjoy her fabulous photos and want to bring her to your house for many more fashion days!”

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