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Happy Fourth of July!

Fireworks of various colors bursting against a black background

Fourth of July is FUN! However, some aspects of it can be a bit scary for your four-legged
friend. Check out the article below on how to keep your pet safe this 4th!

Fireworks can be incredibly frightening to any animal, even one that is well socialized and confident. The holiday is
marked with lots of activity and while we may want to have our pets participate celebrating it’s best to keep your pet
safe, happy and stress-free! Any event where there is a possibility of someone setting off a firecracker is not an event
that your pet should attend. If you do attend any festivities, please make sure you keep your dog on leash and under
The days leading up to the Fourth and after are the prime periods when fireworks are set off. Prepare yourself in
advance with a plan on where you can keep your pet inside and properly secured. Doorways and windows can provide
an easy escape for a pet to slip through and some pets, when frightened enough can easily escape fences as well. Crate
training your dog can make managing them in their surroundings easy and cats should be kept in a room they are most
comfortable in with access to water, food and litter box.
After selecting a room where your pet will be kept, playing soothing music or leaving the TV to drown out the noise of
firecrackers can help your pet relax and feel comfortable in their surroundings. It’s a great idea to also provide them
with safe toys to play with or chew on.
Have your pet wear a collar with current contact information and license in case they do go missing. (The Animal Shelter
of the Wood River Valley can provide personalized name tags for a nominal fee.) Micro chipping your pet is also an
invaluable way to identify your animal if they happen to lose their collar or are not wearing one when they go missing.
If your pet becomes particularly upset by fireworks, contact your veterinarian about possible options to help alleviate
extreme anxiety caused by fireworks.
If your animal does go missing, please contact the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley (208.788.4351) immediately.
Contact the microchip company your pet is registered with, if micro chipped and give them your current phone numbers
and information. If you find a lost pet, contact the owners if that information is on the pet’s collar. You can also call
ASWRV or bring the animal to the Shelter, located at 100 Croy Creek Road in Hailey.
Thanks for reading – have a happy & safe 4th of July!

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