September 15, 2016 adminASWRV

From Louisiana to Idaho

Last Wednesday we had a special arrival at the Friedman Memorial Airport. A plane of dogs from Louisiana were patiently awaiting their turn to be unloaded and transported to a new shelter.
Due to the severe flooding in Louisiana, thousands of dogs are being displaced and ending up in shelters, causing stress and overpopulation. Thanks to Louisiana shelters and Dog is My Co-Pilot, 60 dogs were flown to five Idaho shelters – including ours here in the Wood River Valley!
Check out the video about the transport below which includes special footage of the dogs we received here in the valley.

There has also been some fantastic press from the local papers and television stations on the transport.

Article in The Weekly Sun (pages 8 & 9)

Article in the Mountain Express

News story on KMVT


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