January 17, 2018 adminASWRV

Building a Humane Community

There is a human element to animal welfare that often gets overlooked. We are so proud that our own Nadia Novik, Director of Shelter Outreach, had the opportunity to share this important message during the 2017 Sun Valley TEDx conference. Nadia shows us how a humane community is one that not only cares for animals, but also for the people attached to them. Nadia  has been involved in multiple roles during her time at the Shelter. Most recently, her passion has been focused on bringing services to underserved communities in Idaho, helping people and pets in the rural reaches of our state through the Pets for Life program, a partnership program the Shelter received grant money for with the Humane Society of the United States. Check out the video below to learn more about Nadia the impact the Shelter is making in changing the animal welfare landscape in the West.

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