February 26, 2018 adminASWRV

Remember to vote for Jo-Anne!

Don’t forget to vote for our Executive Director/Medical Director, Jo-Anne Dixon, DVM, for the Wood River Valley’s Woman of the Year!
Voting is open until March 4th.
Click here to vote: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/woman2018
Jo-Anne left private practice as a veterinarian in 2006 to become the Shelter’s vet. Since then she has spayed/neutered more than 8,000 animals for both the community and adoptable pets.
Jo-Anne’s compassion, drive, and hope for a better future for both pets and people have steered the Animal Shelter into being a leader for animal welfare in our multi-state region. She works tirelessly to not only care for the animals at the Shelter, but to connect people with this cause and rally folks behind the Shelter’s mission. The Shelter wouldn’t be where it is today without Jo-Anne’s leadership.
From all of us who work with Jo-Anne day to day,
we hope you take a moment to vote for her. Thank you!

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