March 6, 2018 adminASWRV

Meet the Board!

We’re excited to announce the Shelter’s board members in 2018!

Jan Main, a former Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, stepped into the role of Board President following the end of Priscilla Pittiglio’s term. Dan Drackett, a career marketing and advertising creative director stepped up as Vice President. Rosemary Aquilante led a career in bio-technology and will serve as Secretary, and Renee Faltings, with her background as an investment adviser and financial planner, is the perfect fit for Treasurer.

New board members include Sally Onetto, Elizabeth Mathieu, and Christine Ferguson (who served on the board from 1993 – 2006.) They are joining continuing board members Joseph Begovich, Greg Cappel, Bobbi Hunt, Rhiana Macaya Mitchell, and Phillip Usher.

“Our shelter is a wonderful, happy place that brings the unconditional love of animals to members of our community,” stated Jan Main, the newly elected president. “With our new shelter we will finally have a place that truly reflects the amazing work we do.”

To see all the board bios, click here .

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