May 3, 2018 adminASWRV

We just passed $5,500!

We just passed the $5,500 mark on our #IdahoGives fundraising page – thank you! We could tell you all day how much we love you, but instead, we thought we’d show you…with more cowbell.
Big round of applause for our most recent donors, you all are amazing!:
Kelly Odell, Jo-Anne Dixon, Finnegan for the Win, Cyndy King, Gadie Edmunds & Dave Keir (& Jasper!), Albert Chu, Jamie Trevino, Anonymous, Anonymous, Lauren Baxter, Jenny and Finn Heekin, Anonymous, Bryce Kanowsky, Chad Hayward, Rhiana Mitchell, Kathy, Pamela Reichmann, The McCarty Party, Lillibet & Pem Mongeau, Cali & Rocket, Rosemary Talley, Cory Wolfley, Phyllils Odell, Anonymous, James Santa, Christine Avery, David McCarty, Samuel Christian, Betty Gray, Jane Dettwiler, Rebecca (& Shep!), Lindsay & Colin (& Atlas!), Mimi Crocker, Denise Smyth, Jannette Williams, Pita Vega, Darlin’s Mama, Tawni & Jamie (& Eli & Corey!), Manual Hurtado, Marjorie Smith, Shelly Forsling, Ingrid Klumpp, Mariann Pushker, Wendy Ysasi, Anonymous, Anonymous, David Burns, Anonymous, Heidi Mickelson, Anonymous, Jane Berkowitz, Marcee Graff, Doug King, Sally Hunt, Andrea Christensen, Jani Sutherland, Marcia Dibbs, Lupita Valles, Tawni Baker, Bard, Ada Commercial Cleaning, Amy Pugsley, Priscilla Pittiglio, Katherine Holman, Anonymous, Christine Ferguson, Anonymous, Roberta Bloom, Penny Coe, Helen Bonner, Anonymous, Angela Hicks (with Viv, Mickey, and Nellie), Sabine Muskari, Sandy Kling, David Guttman, Bekka Mongeau, Meghan Faherty, Brett & Emily (with Mjaldr, Pandora, and Thrall), Van Watkins, Rosemary Aquilante, Linda Keane, Elizabeth Mathieu, Anonymous, Nancy Mihalic, Joseph Begovich, Jan Main, and Anonymous!


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