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Your support helps animals & people!

When folks think “animal shelter” often the image conjured up is simply that – a place to house animals until a permanent home is found.
Here at the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley, we’ve evolved into so much more than that – all because of the support and generosity of the amazing community we live in. Thanks to you, we’re on the road to changing how people view animal welfare entirely. Instead of just sheltering animals, we’re now going out into the community and providing those in need with resources. Our free spay/neuter program has cut the stray population in half. Humane education programs are teaching more kids than ever before about the joys and responsibilities of being a pet owner.
By meeting people where they are, fostering a culture of compassion, and providing resources where they are needed, we are taking on a whole new and wildly more effective perspective on animal welfare and what it means to be an animal shelter.
We’re not just sheltering animals anymore – we’re creating positive change within homes and neighborhoods to create stronger, happier, more humane communities for both people and pets.

Today, you can donate to the Shelter through Idaho Gives and help us qualify for additional prize funds – all to support the lifesaving programs we offer at the Shelter!

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