July 17, 2018 adminASWRV

Dancing with the Dogs!

Adoptable dogs Smokey, Liesl, Hansel, and Gretel (and adoptable cat Imogene) all got a chance to take some dance lessons yesterday with Ballet Sun Valley’s Artistic Director and principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre in NYC, Isabella Boylston!
There are still limited seats available for Ballet Sun Valley performances tonight and tomorrow at the Sun Valley Pavilion! Get your tickets here: http://balletsunvalley.com/tickets/
Also – you can learn more about Isabella’s adorable animal understudies (we think Smokey has a real knack for ballet) below:
Smokey: https://animalshelterwrv.org/activity/19548/
Liesl: https://animalshelterwrv.org/activity/meet-liesl/
Gretel: https://animalshelterwrv.org/activity/meet-gretel/
Hansel: https://animalshelterwrv.org/activity/meet-hansel/
Imogene: https://animalshelterwrv.org/activity/meet-imogene/