November 19, 2018 adminASWRV

Meet our Pet of the Week, Guero!


Guero is a textbook “velcro dog.” There are both pros and cons involved with this, but mostly pros! He will not run off, dart out the door, or try to escape your fenced yard. You’ll always know where he is. He is tiny, so he will enjoy going everywhere with you, in your arms or in your bag. You will always feel loved and important. The only real negative is that he will always be right under your feet- so you’ll quickly develop a special shuffling “Guero gait” so as to not step on him or trip over him. This is fixable, but also kind of endearing and entertaining to watch. We’ re hoping to find a home for this munchkin that is willing to do some puppy training and some confidence building. The cuteness factor for this one is off the charts! Come by and cuddle him today!