December 3, 2018 adminASWRV

Holiday Pet Tips

Holidays can be a stressful time for pets, here are a few tips to keep them safe and happy when you have a holiday crowd at your house!

-If you do decide to give your pet a turkey treat, only feed your dogs lean pieces of turkey (avoid the skin or other fatty parts as they can cause abdominal distress.)

-Do NOT give your dog’s turkey bones (or any other kind of meat) as they can splinter and cause serious damage internally. (This means making sure the trash is in a non-accessible place.)

-Lots of food items are dangerous to dogs so avoid giving them stuffing (many recipes call for onion which is toxic to dogs) but other holiday treats such as chocolate, bread dough, alcohol, avocado, grapes should be avoided as well.

-With the coming and going of guests, it’s important to keep your dog away from anywhere it can bolt or get loose. Using a baby gate is a great way to deter a dog from meandering out a door as guest arrive/leave. Keep your dog’s ID and collar on in case they do find a way out!

-Be the voice for your pet! The holidays are a very busy, loud and exciting time with lots of people and children that may not be aware of your dog’s likes/and dislikes. Remember to remind your guests the importance of respecting Fido’s space/needs (some dogs shy away from hands, some don’t like others on their beds, many are very uncomfortable with hugging and some may guard toys or other items.) Manage children and animal interactions and keep an eye out for stress behaviors from your dog. Dandruff appearing on the fur, shaking off as if they are wet, licking of the lips and yawning are all indications that a dog is uncomfortable or nervous, so that is your cue to remove your pet to a less stressful area of the home.

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