June 11, 2019 adminASWRV

Sign up your child for Humane Education Summer Camps!

Mountain Humane’s humane education program teaches social and emotional skills, and increases compassion and empathy through research-based tools and curriculum. Comprehensive humane education programming, when provided to children and communities consistently over multiple years, has been proven to help with a variety of pressing social and educational issues. It has tremendous potential for long term improvement on the health of our community and all its living things. Not only does humane education improve the treatment of animals by teaching proper care of and safety around pets, but it also improves the human participants’ lives with potential benefits ranging from decreased incidence of depression and anxiety to increased sociability, teamwork, and compassion.
Workshops are designed around teaching compassion and empathy through the young learner’s natural connection to animals. Workshops are for ages 6-12. Groups will be split by age (6-9 and 10-12) for some activities.

Price: $60/day
Participants may come for one day or all four.
Limited to 25 participants each day.