June 12, 2019 adminASWRV

Come Join Us At Hikin’ Buddies!

Hikin’ Buddies is back! Join us on Wednesdays from 9 – 1:30 at Adams Gulch and hike with an adoptable dog!

No appointment is necessary; just bring your family and friends to have a good time with some dogs that would love to meet you!

Come and meet the dogs, take them for a walk, and if you fall in love – an Adoption Counselor will be onsite to help you complete the adoption!

Directions to Adam’s Gulch: Take Hwy 75 north through the city of Ketchum. As you drive next to the Bigwood Golf course you will see a left-hand turn for Adam’s Gulch. Follow this road as it winds towards the hill. At the T in the road go left, and you will soon see Adam’s Gulch parking lot and the Mountain Humane tent and van.