July 3, 2019 adminASWRV

4th of July Pet Tips

Happy Fourth of July! It’s a big day of fun, celebrations, good food, and fireworks – lots to love!

While this is a fun day for humans, it can be a day of stress for our pets. To help make the day pleasant for everyone, we’ve compiled a list of handy tips to keep your pet safe and happy!

Extra Tips:

  • Take a current photo of your pet that you can share online and show to your neighbors if your pet goes missing.
  • Keep your pets away from grills and fire pits that are still hot from use.
  • After the evening of fireworks check for debris and scraps that may have fallen into your yard before letting your pets out.
  • Join our Lost & Found page in case your pet goes missing, or if you find a missing pet!


Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

We’ll be closed for the holiday for adoptions and visits – but open until noon for folks to pick up lost pets.