August 6, 2019 adminASWRV

Meet Serena!

Like many of us, Serena can be reserved unless or until someone shows up with snacks. Arriving with hot dogs or a cheese platter (or a ball!) ensures that you and Serena will be instant friends. And she’s a great pup to have as a friend- equally fun for hikes and camping as she is for movie marathons at home. You can take her anywhere as your sidekick and she’ll be polite and friendly with any humans, dogs, or cats that she encounters. Seriously, this is a fabulous dog- come meet her today!
Whenever you come to meet a dog like Serena, the first interaction you will likely have is with our team of adoption counselors. We recently switched from having folks fill out a long questionnaire to talking to people about what kind of pet they are interested in, what kind of lifestyle they lead, and how we can aid in finding them their perfect companion.
Based on both research and feedback, the old style of paper applications was off-putting, felt judgmental, and put up barriers for folks who just wanted to provide a happy home for an animal in need (trying to fill out an application in a language you don’t speak is wildly challenging!). Not only that, but the paper applications weren’t producing any better results in animals being returned to us. In fact, quite the opposite has happened! We implemented this new practice of conversational adoption counseling in 2016 and our adoption return rates have all been under 6% since then!