August 17, 2019 adminASWRV

Millie And The Power Of Connections

What does it mean to be a humane community?
Long time volunteer and Mountain Humane supporter Rosemary Aquilante shares her thoughts on what it means to be humane, and talks about the impact dogs have had on her life and social connections.

While we truly do live in a place that cares so much for our pets and for our people, success in making Blaine County a humane, no-kill community is only the start – more than 10,000 dogs and cats are still euthanized annually in Idaho that we know of (not all shelters document and report their population numbers, so that number is likely much higher). This is a huge burden on the staff at these shelters and is a tragedy for the animals. No one wants euthanasia to be the solution for pet overpopulation but not all shelters have the resources or circumstances that allow them to become no-kill.

We are working to change that. Learn more about our mission to make Idaho no-kill by 2025 here