September 5, 2019 adminASWRV

Thank you Purina, Greater Good, & Jackson Galaxy Project!

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to our friends at Purina Fancy Feast, Purina,, and The Jackson Galaxy Project for donating cat food for our adoptable cats and to provide support to our Community Paws program!

Since receiving the delivery of food, we’ve been utilizing the food for the Cat PAWSitive program. Through this program we’ve been teaching cats to high-five, come when called, and even jump through hoops! This helps to make them more adoptable (who doesn’t want to adopt a cat who can jump through a hoop!?) and provides mental enrichment for the cat (and tasty Fancy Feast treats as positive reinforcement!).

If you haven’t yet seen adoptable cat Freddy’s tricks that she learned through Cat PAWSitive – you can check out her video here: