September 16, 2019 adminASWRV

Meet Pet of the Week, Sarabi!

Looking for a chill, low maintenance, happy camper of a pup? Don’t want to become an ultra marathon runner in order to keep you new dog happy and tired? Can’t monitor and manage your dogs every move all day every day because you aren’t independently wealthy? Have we got the dog for you!! Sarabi is adorable, enjoys snuggling, loves making new human friends, and is quite content to hold your couch down for you while you are at work or on a long distance run. Perfect for company on a rainy day or a chilly winter evening with a fire in the fireplace and Netflix on the TV. Bonus- she looks adorable in outfits and has considered making her own calendar to raise funds for local animal shelters. Come meet this sweetheart today! Take her for a walk if you must. Or just take her home to meet her new couch!

Click here to learn more (or to submit an adoption application!)