October 29, 2019 adminASWRV

Happy Tails Update From Nash!

Happy Tails update from Nash!

“I’ve had him a little over a year and a half now and every day I love him more – even though each day I don’t think it’s possible.

Thank you a million times. Nash has literally saved me. He sleeps with me every night and we go for long walks every day. He goes everywhere with me – he is never left by himself – he doesn’t like to be left. I hope I am giving him half of what he has given me. He is the best dog I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful for him and for your organization that brought him to me. He has the best personality and every day I wonder how anyone could drop him off – he is just the funniest, most loving dog ever!

If I ever win the lottery or even get money ahead, I will give you what I can. Bless you people for what you do. I cannot tell you what your kindness and hard work have done for me personally – because of you people, I have the best companion ever.

I’ve attached a picture of Nash and the funny way he sits. He just is a blessing in so many ways. Thank you!!”

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