November 14, 2019 adminASWRV

Staff Pick: Grey!

It’s time for our weekly Staff Pick! Nadia, Stephanie, and Kelly are featuring Grey!

We LOVE Grey so much!! He has been an “office foster cat” for only a few short weeks, and although he was shy at first, he has already managed to steal the hearts of 3 very finicky ladies.

Grey is extremely smart, and never involved in office politics. Oh and by the way he is extremely handsome and velvety soft!
He spends his days resting at his desk, hunting bugs and greeting visitors with such a sweet, tender spirit! Not to mention he is pretty darn handsome.

He is neat and tidy, and obeys all of our office rules… And we probably don’t have to tell you how handsome he is….
He is the envy of all of his colleagues and admired by his peers; pure 4-legged “office eye candy”!

Although Grey takes every day in stride, we think he would prefer a home with his fur-ever family over the daily grind of shelter work.