January 9, 2020 Bekka Mongeau

Time to Renew Your Pup’s License!

On the chance that your dog ever gets loose or lost and ends up at the shelter, a current license will help us reunite you with your pet quickly. A simple dog license allows our staff to access the computer database, identify the owner and make contact immediately.

Blaine County Animal Code requires any person owning a dog six months of age or older to obtain and exhibit a valid dog license. Mountain Humane oversees the sale and record-keeping of all Blaine County Dog licenses. Pet owners must show proof of rabies vaccination in order to obtain a Blaine County dog license.



You can also purchase a license by calling 208-788-4351 or visiting in person one of the following locations:

Mountain Humane, Ketchum Police Department, Sun Valley Police Department, St. Francis Pet Clinic, Sun Valley Animal Center, Sawtooth Animal Center

Licenses are issued for one calendar year, valid January 1 – December 31 annually.