March 13, 2020 Makayla Chappell

Foster Friday: Coqueta

Happy Foster Friday!

Today we are featuring Coqueta and her foster mom Gabriela, who is also one of our amazing Mountain Humane volunteers.

Here is what Gabriela said about the time they have spent together:

“Where to begin about this sweet little muffin! Coqueta has adapted beautifully to home life and has really come out of her shell. This sweet, sassy senior has a little of everything! She has integrated well with our pack of 3 dogs, even sooner than we expected! Sometimes it’s lazy napping next to our dogs, or moments of playfulness, running laps around the house. Don’t let the “senior” part fool you – this girl can jump and scurry real fast! She LOVES going on our pack walks and walks beautifully on her harness and leash, showing a lot of confidence and enthusiasm. She likes to lead the walks most of the time! She’s been great with taking her potty breaks in our backyard and knows her favorite spot to go to. She’s really showing more of a connection with us (the humans) in the house. She responds to her name and perks up when you call her, puts her little ears back and does a happy dance when we come home! She’s playful and affectionate, rolling around and giving us her belly or engaging in light nibbles when she’s super comfortable and happy. She watches everything we do in the house with lots of curiosity. She loves her couch time with all of us in the evening, she finds her snuggle spot and burrows in accordingly. She sleeps through the night with our other dogs, sometimes building a little fort with her bedding! (We think she’s a little architect at heart.)

Coqueta has shown us that she would be a wonderful addition to a quiet family, that can continue nurturing her confidence and giving her a good balance of walks, mellow time and gentle play. I think she’d do well being the only dog, or living with another small dog with calm energy. She will melt your heart as you get to know her and develop a connection with her. This one is a little gem. ”

If you would like to learn more about Coqueta, or our foster process- please give us a call at (208)-788-4351!