April 27, 2020 Nate Liles

Share your Mountain Humane Story!

Did you know that today is #NationalStoryDay? We’ve been loving all of the Happy Tails stories coming in & we encourage you to share yours too (to send in your story, shoot us an e-mail at [email protected])!

Below are just a handful of stories that have been possible by the generosity of adopters, donors, volunteers, and staff – it truly takes a village to help animals find their forever homes!

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“Hello! I adopted London from here in November 2019. Thought I’d share how she’s doing with us and my other sweet dog, Tex! She stays pretty active in the mountains with us.” -Jenn


“We were surprised (and feeling famous!) to open the email from Mountain Humane to find the picture of us on the day we adopted Tourmaline (now Zoey). As you can see, she was a shy, tiny little nugget. Rest assured, she has matured into a smart and confident (albeit a bit crazy) teenager. She is, after all, a Border Collie haha! We couldn’t have asked for a more professional and thoughtful adoption process; the staff and volunteers were top-notch. Big shoutout to the sweet photographer who took that photo – she managed to avoid capturing me ugly-crying (with joy!!) We donated regularly to Mountain Humane prior to adopting Zoey, and we will certainly continue the tradition! #IdahoGives”


“Just wanted to reach out and tell you how thankful I am for all you do to help these beautiful animals! Kurumi (Ru) turned out to be just the weirdo I thought she would be when we first met, and I am completely smitten. Her dad is a chef, so she gets SPOILED with fish and chicken snacks on the regular. When she’s not lounging around with full belly exposure, she’s blasting back and forth around our apartment emulating the recent earthquake (we call it the Kurumi Zoomies). We love our not-so-little half monster, half angel girl.” -Maggie & TJ

“My Mountain Humane story is one of Hope and Humanity.  The hope we give the animals who come to our shelter in Hailey, Idaho is magnified 100 fold to the hope that those animals share with those who adopt them.  Giving a forever home is a gift that keeps on giving…well, forever.  The Humanity of it all is that we can get a glimmer of the awesome humanity we all have inside when we care for animals who find their way to our shelter and are aided in finding their way into the hearts of their new families.” -Linda



And here is a special one from our amazing volunteer, Andrea, and her adopted pup – Pickles!