Foster Friday Update: Freddy

Happy Foster Friday! Today we are featuring another update from Freddy’s foster family!

March Update!

“I wanted to let you know that Freddy (aka Fredders, Fredster, Fritters, little girl, crazy one) is doing well.  She is co-existing with all 3 of our animals.  There is still some hissing when someone over steps the “social distancing” rule, but Freddy usually walks away, and has become more chill.  I think she wants to be friends with the other pets, but they are a tough crowd.

She no longer loves only me!  She is interested in all of the humans here.. I think she loves that we are all stuck at home right now with her.  She goes crazy over cat nip.”

May Update!

“Freddy has been very good for the most part.  She is definitely MY cat, whether I like it or not.  She sleeps with me (or on me) every night.  She follows me around most of the time.  No litter box problems.  She loves the bathroom, and prefers to drink water out of my cupped hands rather than a dish (Ha).  She co-exists well enough with my other family members.  She is more relaxed.  2 of her favorite spots are on top of the cat tree looking out the window and on the bar stool under the kitchen bar counter.”

We are so grateful for all the foster families who have opened up their homes and hearts to shelter pets during this challenging time. Thank you for all you do! If you are interested in learning more about Freddy click here or our foster program click here!