May 23, 2020 Makayla Chappell

Happy Tails: Avila

It’s time for another round of Happy Tails! Today we are sharing this heart-warming story from Avila’s family:

“Sitting in the little adoption room, I wasn’t sure what we were getting into. My childhood dog had left huge paw prints to fill, and I didn’t want to fail the puppy sitting in front of me. The last seven months have been the best (aside from the 3.5 boxes of girl scout cookies that may have gone missing one afternoon…) Avila constantly shows her love with full-body wiggles, and has shown that all she needs are cuddles, sunshine and crunchy treats. We get a chuckle every night when she deems that it’s bedtime and walks herself to bed. Avila is happy to nap at my desk at work, and is learning how to be a good nordic ski, mountain bike and run buddy. We are stoked for summer adventures together!”

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