May 23, 2020 Makayla Chappell

A Foster Story: Colleen & Jim

May is National Foster Care Month, and to celebrate we are sharing foster stories throughout the month! Today we are featuring the sweetest update and collage from one of our amazing foster families, Colleen & Jim:

“Jim and I would like to thank Mountain Humane for allowing us to have all these (well, all but one!) beautiful dogs in our home. What we love so much about fostering dogs is how many different dogs we are able to love and care for. While having one’s own dog (or two) is of course wonderful, we have been able to fall in love with over a dozen dogs in the last year and a half. They are all different! We love to be able to let them roam the yard and join us on walks and bike rides, and in return they entertain us endlessly.
The best part of all is when someone special decides to adopt them to their forever home – hard to let them go, but then there’s another who will benefit from foster care. Fostering is a terrific way to support the shelter. Attached is a collage of most of our foster loves.
Starting at the top, and going left to right:
The one and only MooMoo!!
Daisy, the hound. We should have kept her. . .
On the right, Clyde is sitting next to his pal (not a foster). Clyde’s story is amazing!
Lovely Lily, adopted recently. Beautiful dog.
Apache – our first foster. Sweet dog.
Poppy and Fletcher. Also known as “Stop that, you two!!”
MooMoo again.
Poppy posing.
Puppies Garmin (soon to be Rocky) and Lydia (now Ida).
Ginger the pitty.
Clyde styling’ it. What a great dog.
Apache (Patch) posing at the Deer Creek Bridge.
A brillant border collie we delivered to Seattle – we regret not keeping her.
Clyde. Say no more.
Delilah – she was SUCH a good dog.
Then there’s the gentleman, CJ, and lastly Daisy again.
Thank you for letting them into our lives.
Colleen and Jim”
If you are interested in learning more about our foster program, click here.