June 19, 2020 Makayla Chappell

Happy First Day of Summer!

It’s getting hot out there! Today we want to share 8 Important Hot Weather Safety Tips to keep your pet healthy & happy in the coming summer months!


#1 Most importantly, pets can get dehydrated QUICKLY! Be sure to provide several stations for fresh & clean water all summer long- inside, outside and packed along with you if traveling.


#2 Be cautious of current temperatures and provide ample shade if exercising outdoors. Consider reducing the amount of exercise if temps are very high or exercising at selective times in the early morning or evening. Please be careful to NEVER leave pets in enclosed vehicles. If you spot an animal in an enclosed vehicle, here is what to do.


#3 Protect their paws! Hot asphalt and common walkways can overheat pets and burn their paws.


#4 Heat strokes require immediate medical attention! Know the signs of overheating in pets: excessive panting, dark or bright red tongue or gums, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, stupor and collapse, mild weakness, etc. Pets who are young, elderly or those with shortened muzzles are at greatest risk for overheating.


According to American Humane: “You can provide some immediate treatment using cool (not icy) water to lower your pet’s temp by submerging the pet in a tub of water or wetting them with a hose or sponging him down”


#5 Familiarize yourself with poisonous substances commonly found in the summer months! Hosting a BBQ or traveling? Supervise pets around the following substances including but not limited to: pool water (chlorine & other chemicals), alcoholic substances, raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate and common sweeteners like xylitol. Save your Veterinarian’s contact information and the ASPCA’s Poison Control Number in your phone for easy access in case of emergency or in event of suspected substance ingestion.


#6 Fourth of July and other related events are wonderful times to get together, but please leave pets at home when heading out for such celebrations. Exposure to fireworks or loud noises can result in trauma, hearing loss, disorientation, and extreme anxiety/distress for pets. On that same note, pets can also become frightened even when home and find a way to escape. Please keep them indoors and secure all windows/doors before leaving for the event.


#7 We all love a summer breeze blowing through open windows and screen doors during these warmer months, but in doing so- pets can commonly escape from such openings. Ensure all potential escape routes are secure so your furry friends cannot get out!


#8 Find creative ways to keep your pet cool: try DIY “pup-sicles” with healthy ingredients, consider a kiddie pool, wet a towel for them to lounge on, turn the sprinklers on a gentle mist or create a shady spot with access to water for them to relax in.
It’s a wonderful time to experience the outdoors with the whole family (furries included). With these tips, your pet can enjoy any activity under the sun while staying safe and cool!


Photographed: MH Alumna, Coco.