Hi I'm Patches!

Have you ever seen a mother-daughter pair so sweet and charming? Scarecrow and Patches have been inseparable for all of Patches’ 9 years, and they’re here to steal your heart with their unique personalities and deep bond.

Scarecrow, the matriarch of this dynamic duo, is as affectionate as they come. She has a talent for hogging all the attention, but who could resist her charms? Her vocal nature is a delight as she communicates her needs with you… which are more chin scratches and belly rubs. If you’re looking for the perfect lap companion, scarecrow is your girl!

Patches, the daughter, is the yin to Scarecrow’s yang. She’s more laid back, taking her time to warm up to new experiences and new people. Her sweetness knows no bounds. Give her some chin scratches, and she turns into a purring machine.

These two hearts are looking for one home. Their perfect blend of affection and sweetness truly compliment each other. If you’re prepared to make your life a little brighter and your heart a little warmer, apply to adopt them today!

Looks Like:
Domestic Shorthair
Spayed Female
6 lbs
Estimated Age:
9 Years 1 Months
Adoption Fee: