Hi I'm Maeve!

Maeve is a ray of sunshine in the shelter. A female orange tabby with a heart as golden as her fur. Although she’s new here, her presence has already captured the attention of everyone around her.

This cat is a social aficionado, always found cuddling and snuggling with her feline companions. Maeve’s love for her fellow cats runs deep. She’s so fond of her cat friends that she even played a role as a co-parent to a litter when she arrived at the shelter. This nurturing and caring side of her speaks volumes about her kind and loving nature.

A cozy spot is Maeve’s haven. She adores a comfortable and snug place to curl up. Maeve’s gentle and affectionate demeanor has earned her the title of the sweetest girl in the shelter. Her loving personality shines through, brightening up the days of everyone she encounters.

If you’re seeking the sweetest, most affectionate companion who cherishes the company of other feline friends, then Maeve is the perfect choice. Get ready to welcome boundless love and joy into your home with this delightful orange tabby by your side!

Looks Like:
Domestic Shorthair
Spayed Female
9 lbs
Estimated Age:
1 Years 1 Months
Adoption Fee: