Looking for a little extra companionship at home? Rue is the perfect candidate to adopt or to relax in a foster home while waiting for her forever home to find her!

Rue wouldn’t exactly consider herself the most chatty or rambunctious feline you’ve perhaps met, but rather an amicable and mellow kitty. Rue arrived quite shy and unsure of her fellow humans, but over a few short days, she began to come out of her shell but still prefers to adjust to new things at her own pace.

From what we know about Rue, we feel that she would prefer a home that is on the quieter side and allows her to be independent in the times she would like to be. It warms our hearts to see Rue warm up to the people she’s spent time with, and we know a forever home would only continue helping Rue become her very best self!

Interested in learning more or scheduling an appointment? Give us a call at (208)-788-4351!

*NOTE: Rue’s adopters will receive her special formula food, free for life, when ordered through Mountain Humane!

Hi, I'm Rue!
Looks Like:
Domestic Shorthair
Spayed Female
7 lbs
Estimated Age:
2 Years 9 Months
Adoption Fee: