Meet Stella!

Stella’s zest for life is overflowing. It doesn’t take long to recognize just how much Stella loves walks, sunbathing, head pets, belly scratches, and most importantly- humans! In fact, Stella quite honestly loves almost everything. When you’ve traveled a long journey to a shelter and are crossing your paws every day to find your forever home-you smile hard and hope your forever family finds you!

As much as Stella loves a lot of things, it’s not her favorite thing to be away from her humans for longer periods just yet. A home that will work to earn her trust and remind her that leaving for work or errands means that you’ll only be gone for a bit, would be key to Stella’s success. (Hey, we all could use a little reassurance here and there, and Stella would thrive off a little extra one-on-one time during her first few weeks at home.)

One unmistakable trait Stella’s adoration of her people. She loves, loves, loves people. We’ve all heard stories of someone’s one-of-a-kind pup, a furry friend that everyone adored- Stella is certainly nothing short of that.

Are you Stella’s people? Be sure to give us a call today at 208.788.4351.

Hi, I'm Stella!
Looks Like:
Collie, Border/Mix
Spayed Female
80 lbs
Estimated Age:
6 Years 2 Months
Adoption Fee: