Meet Lana Del Whisker!
Lana arrived as a sassy gal, a diva really. Like a movie star who wouldn’t leave her trailer, Lana approached the world on her terms, thumping her tail in seeming disapproval at the trifling goings-on of the commoners around her.
But that was then, after sharing an office with a MH Staff Member this week, she’s revealed herself to be an affectionate, attention-seeking, just downright silly gal. She still thumps her tail impatiently, but now it’s for love.

Come and meet a star! Call 208.788.4351 or email [email protected] to meet Lana.

Hi, I'm Lana Del Whisker!
Looks Like:
Domestic Longhair
Spayed Female
10 lbs
Estimated Age:
4 Years 11 Months
Adoption Fee: