Hi, I'm Bunny!

Are you in search of a gal companion who embodies grace, independence, and a touch of elegance? Look no further than Bunny, our dignified senior cat. Bunny is declawed and destined to be an indoor feline. She’ll spend her days basking in the sunlight streaming through the window and ruling her kingdom with quiet authority. Her low-maintenance personality is ideal for those seeking a peaceful and laid-back companion. Bunny has a playful side that’s both entertaining and refined. She enjoys playing with wand toys, showcasing her agility and grace as she swats and pounces. Her love for playtime adds a touch of youthful exuberance to her otherwise composed demeanor. Come out and meet her today!

Looks Like:
Domestic Shorthair
Spayed Female
7 lbs
Estimated Age:
10 Years 5 Months
Adoption Fee: