Hi, I'm Gage!

Are you ready to embark on an adventure with a young feline dynamo who is confident, determined, and full of zest for life? Allow us to introduce you to Gage, our mischievous kitten who knows exactly how to capture your heart. He is a tiny ball of boundless energy and boldness. His self-assured demeanor makes him stand out in a crowd and his playful antics are impossible to resist. He wants attention, love, and plenty of playtime! His strong will makes him a force to be reckoned with and he’s always up for an adventure. Gage is not just a cat’s cat; he’s a people’s cat too! He’s a social butterfly who adores the company of other felines and humans alike. Whether he’s chasing a fellow kitty or soaking up the love from a friendly human, Gage thrives on social interactions. He’s eagerly awaiting his new family to come pick him up!

Looks Like:
Domestic Shorthair
Neutered Male
4 lbs
Estimated Age:
0 Years 5 Months
Adoption Fee: