Hi, I'm Trudy!

Trudy is a gentle soul with a heart full of wonder. Her initial hesitancy towards change is a testament to her sensitive nature, but with patience and understanding, she’ll soon bloom into a confident and happy cat. Once she feels comfortable, she becomes a source of endless joy and affection. Expect plenty of cuddles, purring, and head nudges when Trudy decides it’s time for some love. She has a fondness for sitting up high in a cat tree and climbing. Providing her with opportunities to satisfy her love for elevated vantage points will make her feel secure and content. If you’re willing to offer Trudy the time she needs to adjust to her new home, you’ll be rewarded with a loving and playful companion who will bring endless joy to your life.

Looks Like:
Domestic Shorthair
Spayed Female
7 lbs
Estimated Age:
2 Years 0 Months
Adoption Fee: