Hi my name is Abby (formerly Tootsie – I mean really, who thought of that one!!). I was the first adoption from the new Mountain Humane Campus about 6 months ago. I was only in one of those new fancy kennels for all of 10 minutes before my new mom swooped in and said you’re the one!!

She told me I would have a sister Jesse that would love to play with me. My dad came in to meet me too. I jumped on the bench and gave him a kiss…his hat smelled really good and I have eaten a few of them just to let him know I love him ever since!!

My new sister was my best friend from day one. We sleep together, I steal all her toys, but she lets me; we wrestle every morning, we love to hike and especially love to run thru the tall grass on our morning walks with our friend Rosie (another shelter alum). Mom did a DNA test on me and I am half Lab, half Bloodhound….that would explain why I put my nose to the ground and take off sometimes…..I just can’t help myself. I am still working on my “come when called” but now everyone in the neighborhood knows my name!

I am so thankful to Mountain Humane for rescuing me, teaching me some good manners and helping me find my forever home. Mom said no matter how much trouble I get into she loves me to pieces and will never take me back!!! I am one lucky pup!!!

Love, Abby