I am sending you an update on Blue whom we call Mouse.  He settled in for the drive within ½ an hour his head laying on the console between the seats.  We pulled over for our first stop and he did not want to get out of the truck so I left him in with the door open and he watched me carefully.  When I came back he attacked me with kisses.  Our next stop he jumped right out and Boomer and him played until I told them it was time to go.  On our arrival back to Enterprise he was introduced to the back yard, house and his new daddy.  I must tell you that he has had no head shyness since after the second potty stop not even when he met someone he didn’t know.  Yes the dogs have had there scruffs and Boomer is somewhat depressed for he is having to share love but this was all forseen.  Mouse does not bother the cats but he chases the butterflies.   Mouse will not leave Boomers side he truly loves him…more than me and yes I am jealous. We took him on his first hike and I am attaching a picture for you.  He didn’t want to get in the water and swim with me until he saw that I was leaving him on the beach.  I will keep you updated on him.  Thank you so much for allowing me to love him the way he deserves.