Daisy is a great hiking buddy and she will be started on training to be my service dog next week. She has come out of her shell completely and loves getting pets from everyone she meets, loves playing with the cats and is great with my daughter. We took her to the park the other day and there was a young boy with some development issues and she went up to him and let him pet her, hug on her and even lay on her. I wish I had pictures but my phone died. She is an amazing dog and so sweet with everyone. I could not be happier with her as my dog and new family member!!! I am hoping to come out that way again in the next few months to hike and of course to stop by for a visit. Y’all have helped me so much with letting me adopt this amazing animal. She has already helped me so much with my social anxiety and my depression. She also went off leash for the first time today and did amazing.