Iris had very little socialization in her previous home. When we first adopted her she was quite scared of most things.
Going up or down stairs, through doors, walking on a leash and meeting new people, all these things we consider everyday activities were terrifying to her.
With invaluable help from Mountain Humane’s Behavior & Training Coordinator the long process of socializing her began.
Understanding threshold levels, lots of exercise and a steady diet of treats and training have transformed Iris into a completely different dog!
She loves to travel with her dad who works remotely and visits many busy climbing and biking areas in the west. She is still slow with introductions but with the correct techniques is able to socialize easily with strangers and gets along great with most dogs.
The support we have received from the Shelter throughout this process has and continues to make all the difference. Thanks for all you do to find animals homes and particularly for the support that is available after adoption.
– Nate and Iris