Irma (previously and occasionally still known as Pixie) wanted me to update everyone on how she has been doing…. she is loving her new life and being spoiled beyond belief. She loves to go on walks, play with her big brother, and snuggle her kitty brother whom she absolutely adores. She LOVES kids; she can not get enough of kids and is over the moon when she gets to play with them. My nieces beg me to let them keep Irma “for always because she is the best dog ever” 💗 She has gotten to be a little fat because the piglet eats everything in sight and then pretends she hasn’t had food in days.

I was a bit worried that she would be shy/timid when I got her and I had made plans in my head on how to help socialize and train her but she has zero restraint when it comes to introducing herself to any other living being. She is immediately best friends with anything she meets whether they wish to be or not, including dogs, kitties, humans, and even a goat! We are working on not jumping or licking her human friends, especially kids, because she is a bit enthusiastic with her greetings earning her the nickname “Squirmy Irmy.”

Her favorite thing in life is to cuddle, she is an expert snuggler and will not be satisfied until she is laying on top of one of her brothers or me. Lucky for her we are all patient and don’t mind the occasional foot in the gut or face as she turns circles finding the perfect position.

Overall she has been an excellent addition to the family and blends in like she has always been here, uniquely made to our exact specifications! We all love her dearly and are so grateful to you for caring for her until our paths connected.