I adopted mister Tater (formerly Hashbrown) one year ago! Wow what a year it’s been! I absolutely love Tater to death. We ended up moving from an apartment in Boise to a house in Meridian so he could have a yard to romp around in and he is absolutely loving life. He LOVES chasing squirrels, birds, ducks, even bugs that come through our back yard- he’s never caught anything but he never stops trying! He’s still a fiend for tennis balls and frisbees, even though I’ve thrown quite a few over the fence (oops). Hiking, swimming in the Boise River, camping in the woods, sleeping on my bed, playing in the snow, and going on walks through Boise State’s campus are some of his favorite things to do! He’s also a diehard Eagles fan like me 😊

I can’t thank you all enough for bringing us together. He’s my best friend for life!