7 days of Pixie and it seems like she has been part of the family for a lifetime.  This girl is the most perfect, amazing, loving, spunky, and hilarious little sprite I’ve ever met. She lives her life full speed and everything she does has an exclamation point at the end, she plays hard and sleeps hard! She is SO excited every moment of the day and her whole body wiggles and dances because a tail wag isn’t enough to express her joy.

She loves:
*Cuddles above all else- she will try to sleep on my face if I let her and curls up with her brothers if that isn’t an option
*wrestling with her big brother and zooming circles around kitty brother
*tossing her toys and chasing them
*finding sticks and chewing them up then trying to sneak the pieces into the house
*going to work and people watching from the window
*anything food related
*jumping the baby gate and eating mom’s shoes

She has been such an amazing addition to the family and I can’t thank you enough!