It’s been three years since we met Snow and took her home to be part of our family. She’s four and a half now, and is slowing down just a bit. She is happiest when she’s in the great outdoors, chasing just about any animal that runs. She is quite most of the time, but likes to make her voice heard when she’s bored…”Come on! Let’s go DO something!”…or when she play fights with other dogs. She is so friendly, making it easy to take her everywhere we go. Last summer we got married by the river behind our home. The entire day, we didn’t have to worry once about Snow, or put anyone in charge of her. She, as per usual, stuck close and was happy to be part of the festivities. We are so happy to have Snow as part of our family. She has been such a joy these last three years! We imagine that when we buy a home, we’ll stop by Mountain Humane to let Snow pick out a new dog to add to the family…and maybe a cat too! We can hardly wait!